Chiropractic & Scoliosismultisegmental rotation

Scoliosis is a sideways curving of the spine that often starts in adolescence when the bones of the spine are still growing.  In many cases, the exact cause of scoliosis is unknown.   Scoliosis can be detected by parents by uneven shoulder heights or a change in posture.

The chiropractic approach is to use specific spinal adjustments and we combine these with corrective exercises.  Chiropractic techniques uses in scoliosis are highly refined and sage for a growing spine.  Early detection and chiropractic management is important for optimum results.

Massage Therapy & Chronic Pain

Untreated, chronic pain can be a debilitating issue which may permeate all areas of life. It can affect people’s sleep; place strain on relationships; restrict the ability to work and earn an income; limit social activities; affect self esteem and emotional wellbeing.

Adopting a holistic approach to the treatment and management of chronic pain can bring about positive results and greatly enhance quality of life. As part of a comprehensive management plan, massage can be of great assistance as it has the capacity to affect all the body’s systems and is particularly effective when the pain is of a muscular nature.

When the body experiences trauma, muscles contract around the painful site in an attempt to reduce further injury. If pain is ongoing, the muscles can become habitually tight. These tight muscles can restrict the range of motion in joints and press on nerves, thereby causing numbness, tingling or loss of strength. Massage helps to loosen tight muscles and lengthen muscle fibres. It can increase joint mobility by breaking up scar tissue and increasing pliability of connective tissue, thereby reducing the pressure placed on the joint and surrounding structures. Myofascial release techniques help shift chronic strain patterns which may develop from compensatory postures adopted to accommodate pain.

Chronically tight muscles do not contract and relax like normal muscles which results in reduced blood flow and oxygenation of tissue. The result is a build up of waste products in muscle.

Your therapist may recommend more specific self massage techniques and home stretching and/or strengthening routines to further enhance the benefits of your massage session. By keeping a regular treatment schedule and adhering to suggested home maintenance regimes, many people experiencing chronic pain find they are much better able to manage their condition, experiencing a reduction in pain symptoms and an enhanced quality of life. If you or someone you know is experiencing chronic pain, why not call the office today and book an appointment with one of the friendly massage professionals. Chronic pain, like many other conditions is manageable with the right tools.

Chiropractic & Sports

Elite athletes and sports people of all grades put chiropractic at the top of their list of resources to devimg_sports & chiroelop and maintain their fitness and health.At Health plus Chiropractic our combination of detaiimg_chiro & sportsled understanding of muscle, joint and neurological function with years of experience of caring for sports people will suit anyone who needs assessment, advice or treatment.  Add in our university training in rehabilitation, plus focussed training in muscle testing and Functional Movement Systems makes for a great opportunity to improve performance and maintain peak condition.


Podiatry & Sports Injuries

Athletes choose to use podiatry services to help keep their feet and lower limbs in peak condition.  Just as diet and physical training are important to the performance of competitive athletes, so is taking care of your feet and ankles.  In competitive sports such as running, triathlon, cycling, soccer, rugby, basketball, netball – an athlete’s feet are important assets. Podiatrists provide preventative care programs as well as offering multiple treatments for common and more sophisticated sports injuries.

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

Chiropractic has an important role to play in the care of women both during and after pregnancy.  At a time when the use of medication is to be minimised, the chiropractic approach is a gentle, natural and low risk way to help ease pain and discomfort and promote the health and wellbeing of the mother.  (In terms of risk, all individuals respond differently and all forms of treatment have the potential for adverse events.)

Even prior to becoming pregnant, good spinal health is important.  Not only can chiropractic care help a women’s body get ready to become pregnant, but it can also help during the entire process.  Many women feel discomimg_chiro pregnancyfort at some stage during their pregnancy, whether it is a sore lower back, pubic pain, sciatica, leg aches, carpal tunnel or excess fluid.  Chiropractic care can help to align the spine and pelvis and help the body deal with the changes in weight and centre of gravity shift.

Chiropractic care helps during pregnancy by correcting abnormal joint mechanics that lead to joint and nerve malfunctions, maintaining joint, muscle function and spinal function so the spine may adapt to the increased weight and altered posture, normalizing nervous system function so that natural health is maintained and ensuring that the joints of the lower back are moving freely to assist the birth process.  Proper joint movement enhances pelvic opening which means an easier delivery for both mum and bub.

Obstetrics is part of a chiropractor’s diagnostic education.  We are well educated to manage the various nerve and mechanical imbalances of the spine and pelvis that may develop during pregnancy.

How we can help:

•Lower force techniques are used so to assure that both mum and bub are safe at all times;

•We can utilise aids such as a Belly Pillow (which allows expectant mothers to lie on their    tummy’s supported) and Sacroiliac (pelvic) belts;

•Our office often has referrals from local Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and midwives;

Massage Therapy & Pregnancy

Massage can form an important and rewarding part of your prenatal self-care regime. A woman’s body changes dramatically during the course of pregnancy and she will have different needs at different stages. Massage can assist with relieving many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy including muscular aches and pains; increased pressure on the joints of the hips, lower back and pelvis; sciatica; swelling in the legs and feet and carpal tunnel syndrome. Massage can also help to reduce stress and tension, which is great for mum & baby!

Many women wonder if they will be able to have a massage as their bellies grow. At Health plus Chiropractic, we have purpose made supports which allow your therapist to position you according to your comfort. Early in your pregnancy, you will still be able to lie on your tummy with pillows placed under your hips and breasts as necessary. As your tummy grows, you will have the option of lying on your side or face down, using a special donut-shaped bean-filled bag which contours around your belly and supports your lower back whilst you are massaged.  Your therapist will keep you feeling warm and comfortable, and it is important that you let them know if your need anything. It is ok for you to ask to change position, have a technique stopped if it feels uncomfortable, or interrupt the treatment if you need to go to the bathroom.

It is OK to begin massage treatment at any stage during your pregnancy and many women who begin massage during the latter parts of their pregnancy wonder why they didn’t begin sooner! Whatever stage you are in, treatment can be adapted to suit your particular needs. During the latter stages of pregnancy, your birthing partner may wish to attend a session or two to learn different strokes that may be helpful in pain management during the course of your labour. Your therapist will be happy to accommodate this on your request.

Although massage is almost always safe during pregnancy, there are some instances in which it is not appropriate to massage. If your therapist has any concerns about the suitability of massage to your particular circumstances, they may request written permission from your GP or obstetrician to ensure the wellbeing of you and your baby, and modified techniques may be used.

It is always important to ensure that your therapist is appropriately trained and qualified, perhaps even more so during pregnancy as massage must be adjusted to meet the needs of your changing body, so a thorough knowledge of the anatomical changes which occur during pregnancy is essential. At Health plus Chiropractic, all therapists have professional level qualifications and are registered with professional associations, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible, up-to-date care. Why not phone the office today and let us partner with you toward a successful, comfortable and magical pregnancy experience!

Chiropractic Workers’ Injuries

Occupational and workers compensation injuries are well managed at Health plus Chiropractic.  We are ideally placed in caring for patients with work-related injuries for a number of substantial reasons which include: Anthony’s early experience in chiropractic practices that specialised in these injuries; our broad skills in rehabilitation and soft-tissue injuries; an experienced administrative system that is proactive in dealing with insurers, Workcover and employers; all of our chiropractors have been trained and accredited in soft-tissue injury management by Workcover NSW; a high quality standard of professional communication with medical practitioners and others involved with injury management; provision of pre-employment health/medical screening and assessment for major companies; finally our approach is the most-up to date and evidence based available.  Our interest in this area means we don’t fall for the myth that workers must only receive the treatment recommended by the company doctor or that a referral is essential prior to receiving treatment.  If you have a work-related injury arrange to see us to find out how much we can help you recover.

Massage Therapy for Irritable Babies

Massage isn’t only for adults.  Babies, toddlers and children can benefit from massage, to help them settle for a restful sleep, ease tummy pains such as colic and constipation, provide relief from muscle aches and pains, ease congestion from the chest and encourage a calm, relaxed, happy baby

.There are specific massage techniques that calm the nervous system, such as flowing strokes used to send them off to sleep, or help mum and dad bond after a nice relaxing bath.

Your massage therapist will be more than happy to demonstrate some techniques for you to use with your little one.

Constipation & Enuresis

So when is a child deemed to be constipated? A breast fed baby may have a normal bowel movement anywhere from daily to one every 10 days. However formula fed infant’s bowel movements should be daily. An excessively dry or ‘hard to pass’ stool is also considered to be constipation.

The unique approach to constipation includes a thorough history to try to identify if there are any dietary changes that need to be made, a full examination of the child to assess for any disorders and parenting advice when needed.

Nocturnal enuresis or bed-wetting as it is more commonly known, can be both distressing for the infant and the parents.