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Case Studies and examples

On this page is a collection of case studies on specific conditions 

that our practitioners have written themselves.  The purpose is to give you an understanding of the types of conditions we routinely treat, the complexity of health disorders that people endure, a view of the assessment and management of cases, and an insight of the clinical rationale and decision making we perform.

While each case is realistic, they are completely fictional and are not a testimonial or a write up of any particular person.  We feel that these cases will assist you in searching for clues in your own health and whether we may be able to assist you.  Once you read the cases, you can see they are the starting point for a conversation or consultation with us.  Obviously, these stories are not a substitute for advice or individual diagnosis.  Your own health and situation will be unique and any management and treatment will be tailored for you.  Click on the links below to read the case studies.

Shin Splints:  Leg pain assessment Parramatta

Sciatica or ‘Pseudosciatica:

Temporomandibular Joint / Jaw Pain (TMJ):

Vertigo – Cervicogenic (neck origin):

Back Stiffness & Massage

Shoulder Pain: Shoulder pain treatment Parramatta