Massage therapy is the systematic and scientific method of treating the soft tissues of the body.  Massage has developed into a specialised tool for the treatment of muscle, ligament and tendon problems.  Massage works to normalise the dysfunction in soft tissues.  It is not only an art but a science.  Massage is also excellent for aiding relaxation.  Your massage therapist will take details of your health history and assess your current condition.  Different massage techniques such as advanced Swedish, sports, remedial techniques, Chinese hot cups and musculoskeletal dry needling will be used to treat your condition.

Massage therapy has been an integral part of Health plus Chiropractic for over 20 years.  We have only engaged well qualified and experienced massage therapists who have a deep understanding of the body, massage therapy and the needs of clients.  The usual length of service with us by massage therapists is greater then 5 years, which means that their clients benefit from a therapist that is familiar with their patient’s physical situation.  Our massage therapists are recognised by the major health funds for rebates on treatment.

With our highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable massage therapists, we can offer a variety of styles of massage:

Full Body Massage:

We certainly provide excellent full-body massage therapy.  More…

Pregnancy Massage: 

 See here for more information on pregancy massage in Parramatta

Foot Massage:

More details on foot massage therapy is here:

Relaxation Massage:  

More details on Relaxation Massage is here:

Our Massage Therapists: 

Gary Fairhurst best massage therapist Parramatta

Gary Fairhurst started with Health plus Chiropractic in 2000.  You can read about Gary here:


Kit Chadchanok Massage Therapist

Kit Chadchanok is our more recent member of the team.  You can read more about Kit here:







Our massage therapists have shared much of their experience and knowledge in our newsletters.  They have described which conditions can benefit from massage therapy.  Have a look at our Newsletter page to read their insights.


Our massage therapists are diploma qualified and their services are claimable via the following health funds: