Health plus Chiropractic is a team of health care professionals with a conveniently located office in Parramatta North, committed to the highest quality of care and service by being consistently enthusiastic, efficient, loving and dedicated to health care.  We have very, very experienced chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrist and an exercise physiologist at Parramatta.

We will treat and educate those who strive for optimum health and well being and in return, be rewarded by seeing satisfied patients, reaching our full successful potential and bringing joy and fulfilment to us all.

Our chiropractic services include managing spine, joint and muscle injuries, pain management.

Massage therapy covers remedial, pregnancy, sport and relaxation massage.

Podiatry services include gait analysis, orthotics, diabetic and general foot care.

Exercise Physiology manages many conditions including weight problems, diabetes, heart and lung conditions, muscle and joint issues.

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Massage is a tool to be used by men

You’re training on a regular basis and you recognise that, even with regular stretching, certain muscles are still pretty stiff and uncomfortable. You also know that the last time you heard about a massage was when your girlfriend did it with a bunch of her friends for a bridal shower, which just sounds way too girly. Then there was that guy in accounting who wandered off from the annual sales meeting to do something that sounded vaguely illegal. No worries, massage at Health plus Chiropractic is totally professional and beyond questionable.

If you’re actively involved in any kind of sport or workout on a regular basis, a good massage soothes and relaxes muscles that are tight and can ease soreness from injury and even help in recovery.  If you feel like your body is slowing down and ‘stiffening up’ massage is used by many men to keep the body as good as they can.  Young men, even teenagers use massage to be able to push their body towards its potential.

Don’t be confused by the various types of massage. They’re all great, but each offers its own philosophy and specific benefits.


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