Health plus Chiropractic is a team of health care professionals with a conveniently located office in Parramatta North, committed to the highest quality of care and service by being consistently enthusiastic, efficient, loving and dedicated to health care.  We have very, very experienced chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrist and an exercise physiologist at Parramatta.

We will treat and educate those who strive for optimum health and well being and in return, be rewarded by seeing satisfied patients, reaching our full successful potential and bringing joy and fulfilment to us all.

Our chiropractic services include managing spine, joint and muscle injuries, pain management.

Massage therapy covers remedial, pregnancy, sport and relaxation massage.

Podiatry services include gait analysis, orthotics, diabetic and general foot care.

Exercise Physiology manages many conditions including weight problems, diabetes, heart and lung conditions, muscle and joint issues.

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Welcome to our new Massage Therapist at Parramatta Kay Bay !

Massage therapist at Parramatta

Kay Bae Massage Therapist

We have more good news! Health plus Chiropractic is pleased to introduce Kay Bae who is a  Remedial massage therapist and about to join our team.  Kay is a mature graduate with a Diploma in Massage Therapy and will be providing massage services on Monday mornings, Friday afternoons and sharing Saturday mornings with Gary and Patricia.  We’ve already seen how skilled her hands are so make an appointment and find out for yourself!

Kay is very passionate about the benefits of remedial massage and how it can help us all and improve our lives in so many ways.  Her special focus is on chronic conditions and the symptoms caused in the work place such as headache, neck and back pain due to computer work and standing for long periods of time.  She understands from personal experience how this type of pain can impact our day-to-day lives and has seen how remedial massage can improve and heal these imbalances in our bodies.  Kay has also started further study on oriental relaxation techniques which she hopes will help her clients even more.

Outside of massage, Kay enjoys group workouts at gym, yoga, pilates and reading a book (and studying) under Sydney’s nice blue sky.




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