Health plus Chiropractic is a team of health care professionals committed to the highest quality of care and service by being consistently enthusiastic, efficient, loving and dedicated to health care.

We will treat and educate those who strive for optimum health and well being and in return, be rewarded by seeing satisfied patients, reaching our full successful potential and bringing joy and fulfilment to us all.

Our chiropractic services include managing spine, joint and muscle injuries, pain management.

Massage therapy covers remedial, pregnancy, sport and relaxation massage.

Podiatry services include gait analysis, orthotics, diabetic and general foot care.

Exercise Physiology manages many conditions including weight problems, diabetes, heart and lung conditions, muscle and joint issues.

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April is a busy and exciting month.   May 20 to 26 is Spinal Health week and this year’s theme is “Are you Ready for Life?”   Spinal Health Week aims to educate Australians about the important role of spinal health in improving overall health and wellbeing. With this year’s campaign we are asking people ‘Are you ready for life?’   As you know life is full of unknowns, and we want to encourage Australians to do all they can to prepare their spine for the future.

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Also is April is Exercise Right Week and our Exercise Physiologist Kübra Erdinç is offering some free classes: a Tai Chi class and a Stretch class on April 21 and 25.








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