Podiatry helps in a wide range of foot conditions, from general nail, skin and foot care, footwear advice to diabetic complications.  Our treatments at Parramatta encompass general diagnosis and treatment of common chronic conditions such as corns, calluses and verrucae as well as providing specialist services in podiatric biomechanics, sports medicine and podiatric surgery for cases such as ingrown toe nails, hammer toes and bunions, without the need for a hospital visit.  All podiatry instruments are sterilised at Health plus Chiropractic by autoclave.

We all depend on our feet for our mobility and keeping us active, and we know that if we are not active our overall health will suffer. Living your best life starts with your feet, which are your foundation for movement.

A Podiatrist is a professional who is an expert in foot care. Podiatry helps you get your feet to their best condition, and can help in a wide range of foot problems such as:

  • general nail, skin and foot care including corns, callus, verruca (plantar warts) and ingrown toenails
  • footwear assessment and advice
  • diabetic foot assessment and diabetes specific foot care advice
  • neurological and vascular assessment of feet
  • biomechanical assessment for a wide range of biomechanical issues such as excessive pronation (“flat-feet”), supination (high arches) or any other muscular, joint or bone pathologies
  • assessment and management of arthritic foot conditions
  • paediatric foot assessment
  • sports injuries involving the feet or lower legs


Our Podiatrist:

Melissa Sandy is a registered podiatrist with broad experience over 15 years.  you can read more about Melissa here:

Podiatry Techniques 

Our podiatrist here in Parramatta has a wide array of services and techniques offered to look after you needs.  Read about these on our Services and Techniques pages.