Kit Chadchanok Massage Therapist

Kit Chadchanok has a passion for holistic health and passionately believe in the health and relaxation benefits of massage therapy.

He holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage from TAFE NSW.

Kit moved to Sydney 15 years ago from his homeland of Thailand, to chase my dreams and to start a new life. That new life has brought him into the health and massage industry.

Kit believes that everyone deserves better health and part of that is the healthy mind and body. Massage therapy can provide a lot of benefits from better focus, energy, pain relief and reduces many toxic health condition and overall improve your state of mind and mindset!

Kit looks forward to meeting you at Health plus Chiropractic and having you experience the benefits of massage and relaxation with a touch of pampering.

Tell us more about your approach to massage:  I’m told that I have strong good hands, though I try to offer both comfort and relaxation within a massage session

What types of massage do you offer?  – I provide a variety of massage therapy techniques to find the best outcome.

For instance, I can use a range of pressures (firm and softer) within a massage session.

I also use gentle palpation techniques such as Swedish plus deeper remedial pressures for maximum results.

Lastly, in order to relieve pain,  I find the most effective muscles, points and zones

Kit is member of the Association of Massage Therapists

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