Workers Compensation, DVA recipients and CTP Injuries

Experienced chiropractor for work injuries at Parramatta

At our offices in Parramatta, Health plus Chiropractic has decades of experience looking after all sorts of people, cases and injuries covered by workers compensation.  Our experience and training coversNSW and National schemes, Department of Veteran Affairs beneficiaries, CTP motor vehicle claimants and various other third party payers.  Our practitioners are capable of handling the documentation and communication processes while our reception staff are very familiar with appointments, billing and (where needed) transport requirements.   As our office has over 35 years experience with submitting claims and has catered for other moderates in the past that are even more complex.  Our practitioners understand the special and often unique needs of our patients that fall under these categories.

Occupational and workers compensation injuries are well managed at Health plusChiropractic.  We are ideally placed in caring for patients with work-related injuries for a number of substantial reasons which include: Anthony’s early experience in chiropractic practices that specialised in these injuries; our broad skills in rehabilitation and soft-tissue injuries; an experienced administrative system that is proactive in dealing with insurers, Workcover and employers; all of our chiropractors have been trained and accredited in soft-tissue injury management by Workcover NSW; a high quality standard of professional communication with medical practitioners and others involved with injury management; provision of pre-employment health/medical screening and assessment for major companies; finally our approach is the most-up to date and evidence based available.  Our interest in this area means we don’t fall for the myth that workers must only receive the treatment recommended by the company doctor or that a referral is essential prior to receiving treatment.  If you have a work-related injury arrange to see us to find out how much we can help you recover.

Anthony O’Reilly has been dealing and effectively managing and treating work injuries (as well as motor vehicle accident injuries) all his career. In one of his early practices, the practice specialised in these injuries and cases, and he has dealt with various incarnations of Workcover etc.  In addition to the courses and training he has participated in within this area, he has taught injury prevention, and still performs medical/health assessments for workplace screening.