Our onsite podiatrist here in Parramatta can help in a wide range of foot conditions, from general nail, skin and foot care, footwear advice to diabetic complications.  Our treatments encompass general diagnosis and treatment of common chronic conditions such as corns, calluses and verrucae as well as providing specialist services in podiatric biomechanics, sports medicine and podiatric surgery for cases such as ingrown toe nails, hammer toes and bunions, without the need for a hospital visit.  All podiatry instruments are sterilised by autoclave.

There are many reasons to visit our Podiatrist at Health plus Chiropractic for general foot care and foot health assessment. Melissa prides herself in taking time with each patient to understand their every need and providing a thorough and professional service.

Common foot issues that she is well-experienced in dealing with include general nail care, including fungal or thickened toenails and ingrown toenails, corns, callus, cracked heels and verrucae. Most of these conditions can be dealt with on the spot and she finds great satisfaction in seeing her patients walk out pain free and smiling.

People who are elderly, have vascular disease or neurological conditions, especially diabetes, or have trouble reaching or visualising their feet should all see a Podiatrist regularly for general foot care. All podiatry instruments are sterilised by autoclave and Podiatrists follow a strict infection control practice. Some people are eligible to receive a Medicare Disease Management plan, which may entitle them to a Medicare-subsidised consultation (referral from your GP is required).

Our Podiatrist Melissa Sandy comes with many years of clinical experience in all areas of podiatry. She is dedicated to improving her patient’s quality of life through providing personalised comprehensive foot care in order to get patients back on their feet.

Our podiatrists have shared much of their experience and knowledge in our newsletters.  They have described which conditions can benefit from podiatry.  Have a look at our Newsletter page to read their insights.