Sports Therapy at Parramatta

Sports massage therapistAll serious athletes now rely on massage as an indispensable part of their training programs. A sports massage is a type of therapy geared toward active individuals, usually those who present with common strains resulting from strenuous exercises and movements.

Sports massage uses a combination of deep and light strokes using knuckles and fingers and sometimes elbows to loosen muscle adhesions and release trigger points (knots) in dysfunctional muscle tissue.

Sports massage assists in reducing the risk of injury, cools the body down after exertion and helps enhance the overall physical performance of an athlete by increasing overall motion and flexibility. Whether you are looking to keep an active lifestyle or reach your sporting potential, regular sports massage is vital to your success.

Our massage therapists at Health plus Chiropractic are trained in sports massage from their initial training and have followed this with specific experience in triathlons, football, tennis, basketball to name a few.