Padding and taping and footwear modification

Padding has multiple uses in Podiatry- as pressure deflection, cushioning, support, protection, repositioning or correction. Different taping techniques are used to support an injured muscle or joint thereby reducing stress and pain. Our Parramatta Podiatrists are also trained to identify pathologies that might require footwear modification, such as heel lifts for leg length differences, rocker soles for Charcot foot deformities or other prescription medical grade footwear requirements.

Strapping and taping are very important diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used in podiatry daily. Strapping can be a very effective short term solution for help in obtaining better alignment and movement, reducing stress to the area, reducing pain, allowing for the area to start healing and also assist in diagnosing a more beneficial long term solution to the underlying cause (i.e. orthotic therapy).

As well as in injury rehabilitation, padding and taping can be used to address a biomechanical issue by supporting a weakened muscle or joint. Our expert Podiatrist at Health plus Chiropractic will undertake thorough analysis and treatment of whatever your painful condition, and will often apply many other treatment modalities alongside padding and taping, such as biomechanical gait analysis, exercise strength and conditioning programs and footwear and/or orthotics.