Chiropractic & Neck Pain

Neck pain relief chiropractor ParramattaMillions of people will experience neck pain at some point in their life.  Postural problems and injury are the most common causes of neck pain.

Arthritis and disc degenerative changes can also cause neck pain. Most episodes of acute pain are due to muscle stain or other soft tissue sprain such as the ligaments and tendons.  These tissues tend to be injured by a single macro trauma such as a fall or car accident, or prolonged micro trauma such as sitting, working with poor posture, or sleeping in aggravating positions.

Chiropractic offers safe (relative to some other treatments), effective techniques using precise and gentle therapy with the aim of restoring function and motion to restricted spinal joints.   In considering chiropractic treatments, it should be borne in mind that that individuals respond differently and all forms of treatment have the potential for adverse events.

The chiropractic approach is aimed at improving the mechanics of the spine and nervous system and as a result, to reduce pain, stiffness or tension.

The therapists at Health plus Chiropractic offer advice, effective stretches and exercises in order to reduce frequency and intensity of pain.  These also prevent further injury and reduce injury recurrence.HPC photoshoot_activator2sml20160404_0011

Chiropractic & Whiplash

Whiplash and the broader concept of Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) is a condition that we are quire familiar with at Health plus Chiropractic.  Patients have trusted us to review their neck and spines following car accidents for decades.  In addition, we have directly participated in research coordinated by the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW.

WAD is a complex condition that varies in intensity to short-lived and easily treated neck complaints (which fortunately is the most common outcome), to severe long-term conditions that affect people with a wide variety of complaints and pain syndromes.

As chiropractors we certainly employ our expert knowledge in assessing and treating any abnormal joint function that has resulted from the injury.  However, at Health plus Chiropractic, we address the other key spinal biomechanics problems associated including soft tissue and muscle damage, headache, dizziness, shoulder, upper limb and other spinal pain.  Our approach is always comprehensive and through and takes into consideration the patient’s concerns and the long-term potential of the injury.