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Chiropractic & Knee Pain

Knee pain is an increasing problem in society and as a result we see more and more patients with knee problems in our office.  Chiropractic treatment is very effective for many of the problems that cause knee pain and although a condition such as osteoarthritis is not curable, the symptoms can be reduced and the progression of the problem can be helped thanks to our unique approach to treatment.

When pAnthony O'Reilly chiropractor for knee painain is perceived as coming from the knee, all the anatomical components need to be examined and in addition to the knee joint, the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle and foot need to be examined due to the direct influence they have on the knee, and vice versa. As chiropractors we take a comprehensive medical history and perform a thorough physical and biomechanical examination in order to make an accurate diagnosis – without an accurate diagnosis, the treatment will not be successful.

Our approach of assessing and treating the knee includes the evaluation of the other joints and muscles relating to the knee. This is for several reasons: firstly, pain can be referred from other structures in the low back, pelvis and hip into the knee, in certain conditions and secondly, if other joints in the lower limb are not working correctly they can put increased stress on the knee joint, resulting in injury over time. Therefore to resolve the knee pain chiropractors may also treat other areas, to maximise long-term improvement.  We always aim to provide thorough treatment for knee pain here in Parramatta.

There are three main aspects of treatment of knee disorders:

1.  Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain by avoidance of aggravating factors, use of a support, sports tape; ice to reduce inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.

2. Normalise joint function via specific chiropractic manipulation and mobilisation techniques to areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints, to increase movement, improve the function and reduce pain with Deep soft tissue techniques, trigger-point therapy and cross-friction.

3. Rehabilitation exercise programme.  When appropriate we introduce exercises to improve strength, endurance and stability.  We also work on improving your balance and your sense of joint position (proprioception).

This will help you to return to normal and also prevent new injuries.

Massage Therapy & Knee Pain

massage Parramatta for knee pain

Knee pain is also a common complaint associated with hip disorders, with pain affecting the joint itself and the surrounding muscles that assist in flexing the knee.  The popliteus is a muscle that is sometimes overlooked, due to its ‘hidden’ position at the back of the knee, however, it is an important stabiliser for the knee.  Massage is very effective for many complications that cause knee pain, particularly when pain or restriction is due to faulty muscle mechanics, myofascial tension or trigger points.

Patello-Femoral Syndrome – Knee Pain

Patello-Femoral Syndrome is one of the more common causes of knee pain amongst athletes accounting for up to one in every four knee injuries. Symptoms include pain at the front of the knee with swelling and tenderness often present. People tend to notice the pain particularly when going up or down stairs or inclines, squatting, kneeling or running.Patello-femoral syndrome may also be aggravated by long periods of sitting with the knees bent.

Often the pain develops as an overuse injury seen in long distance runners or cyclists, or it may be initiated by a twisting injury to the knee. It is generally characterised by the incorrect tracking or movement of the patella (knee cap).

There are a number of factors that can cause patella-femoral pain syndrome including muscle imbalance, excessive pronation and overloading the knee joint with certain sporting activities.