Hot Stone Massage Best Hot stone massage Parramatta

Stone massage is an effective way to relax both body and mind.  The warm nurturing heat of the stones provides deep relaxation, soothing the nervous system melting the effects of stress.

Muscle tension eases under the smooth pressure of the stones allowing circulation to increase, so toxins are flushed away and the flow of healing nutrients is restored to muscles and other tissues, further aiding the release of tension and pain.

Cure hot stone massage Parramatta Hot stone massage is a style of massage where warmed stones mainly basalt (stones) are used to massage the body.  The massage can either be a lighter relaxation massage or a deep remedial massage, depending on your particular needs.

The warmed stones are an extension of the therapist’s hands and help to soothe away muscle tension, increasing local circulation to the muscles bringing in fresh blood and nutrients to help heal and nourish the tissues.

Hot Stone Massage is recommended to all our clients, it can be the most relaxing and nurturing treatment you will experience and the stones can be used for deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

Applying the heat quickly warms the tissues helping to release muscles, knots and is recommended to clients that are experiencing severe muscle tension and pain.Our treatment recommendation would be 1 hour or a 1 1/2 hours for optimal results.Excellent hot stone massage Health plus chiropractic

It is a comforting and healing treatment using stones of various sizes, used as a massage tool or placed on the body in key areas to provide relief and relaxation.

Stone massage is useful for people with arthritic conditions and recovery from injury, it also helps relieve sinus pain the discomfort associated with premenstrual symptoms.  Athletes find it helps muscles recuperate after a strenuous work out, increases circulation, improves blood flow, promotes thermogenesis (cell hydration), increases range of motion, ligaments and fascia are nourished, helps mobilise connective tissue (elastin & collagen) and adhesive tissue is softened.