Full Body Massage (remedial, relaxation and sports massage)

Best Full Body Massage Parramatta

A full body massage here in our professional office in Church Street Parramatta is excellent for all age groups from children to oldies; all walks of life from sports people and athletes; office workers, trades persons and retirees.  A full-body massage is an approach at Health plus Chiropractic that literally can cover all your problems – physical and mental. Professional sportsmen and sportswomen, ‘weekend warriors’ and social exercise people all benefit from an overall massage.

For over 20 years, our massage therapists at Health plus Chiropractic have provided full body massage to people who are seeking improvement to their function and make their body work at it’s best.  Sure, those who use this type of massage are looking after their general wellbeing across their life.  It is clear that there is a link between a thorough massage and better health.

Our massage therapists at our Parramatta office of Health plus Chiropractic have a combined experience of over 40 years – a standard that sets us part from other massage businesses.  The experience shows in the skills, expertise and the superior standard of massage given to each and every client.  We truly care for our patients and take a very genuine interest in their health and wellbeing.  Our patients notice and notice the full attention that they receive.

Full body massage health plus parramattaYou will notice a difference when having a full body massage with us.  From the beginning, you will sit down and a proper health history, talk with you so an understanding of your health, body and massage needs will be undertaken before your massage starts here in Parramatta.  We will discuss what you are looking for in a massage and what ailments you may have and our professionalism is on display from the outset.  This is not a place with curtains that you just lie on a bed and get the same massage as everyone else or like last time.  A whole body massage means to us that if your health needs are to include say the front of your neck or shoulders or shins then we massage the relevant areas – back, sides or front!  If you need to be positioned in such a way to obtain the best angle for your hip, shoulder or back, we will do so.

Our usual patients schedule a full-body massage regularly especially if they are active on the sports fields or if they work all day at a desk.  While some people need to receive a massage each two or three weeks to overcome problems and injuries, later on they need less frequent massage. It seems that ‘the more massage they get – the less they need in order to fix issues’ in the long run.  It is not unusual for patients here in Parramatta to obtain a full body massage six or 7 times a year.