Foot Massage Parramatta

Foot massage is for anyone and everyone.  Our massage therapists at Parramatta can help you relax your whole body using a foot massage.  If you have sore tight feet, knots in your muscles or foot or heel pain, a foot massage from our expert therapists can help you feel better.  Here’s some information on how we can help here at Health plus Chiropractic, or for more information, give us a call.

Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, swollen legs and feet, flat feet, high foot arches and other disorders such as high blood pressure are just a few of the conditions relieved by foot massage therapy.  You would be surprised at how many problems relate to your feet.  Our registered massage therapists can evaluate your feet and suggest the best approach.  In addition, they work with the team of chiropractors and podiatrists at Health plus Chiropractic to give you multidisciplinary support.

Our foot massage therapists are highly trained and experienced in a array of techniques including:  foot therapeutic massage techniques; deep tissue massage; stretching; trigger point therapy; passive joint articulation; and myofascial release techniques.  In general, many of the techniques used by our team of massage therapists are beneficial to the feet.

Foot massage makes people feel more relaxed – in their feet and all over.  They obtain relief from their pain and discomfort and other parts of their health are helped by improved circulation.  Your muscles and body will be more balanced.

What makes our massage therapists at Health plus Chiropractic stand out are their diploma qualifications and training, and a very wholistic approach to health, massage and treatments.  They are skilled at seeing the relationship between your feet and legs and your overall health.  Therefore, if you are being treated for some other problem, they will keep ‘an eye out’ for your feet.  Our massage therapists tailor and make every massage specific to you and your needs – both as an individual and on each occasion.  Being so highly trained, the use their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology in understanding your foot problems.

There are many times when you would be helped by foot massage.   Your overall health means it is worth the opportunity to have a foot massage.  If you spend many long hours on your feet, or if your feet are not stimulated enough by sitting all day, a foot massage here in Parramatta North would be valuable.  Foot massages are best to be enjoyed regularly.  And, especially if you are short on time, for example on the way home from work, you don’t need to undress to have a foot massage.

Some misconceptions that people have about foot massage include that foot massage is only about reflexology or even that your feet aren’t important!  Our feet are so valuable they need special care.  They are so significant that they should be part of every massage.

So give your feet a break – call us for a great and worthwhile foot massage.