Musculoskeletal Dry NeedlingDry needling chiropractic Parramatta

A specific therapy for soft tissue dysfunctions, such as muscle, tendon, ligament, joint capsule, fascia or nerve involvement conditions.  Dry needling uses filament needles to create small lesions in specific areas of soft tissues to normalise soft tissue disturbances without the involvement of any pharmacological substances or processes.Majority of clinical pain is myofascial in origin.

Research states that 85% of back pain and 54.6% of chronic headaches and neck pain are myofascial pain in origin.  Myofascial pain can be characterised by trigger points, muscle spasm, muscle tension and muscle deficiency.  Significant tissue inflammation, tissue contractures, tissue adhesions and poor circulation occurs resulting in pain syndromes. Dry needling breaks up these soft tissue disturbances and promotes healing of tissue with pain relief as a positive result.  Whether it is muscle damage by overuse from daily life, trauma or sporting activity, dry needling can be used for any soft tissue dysfunctions.

Several of our practitioners offer this therapy including Anthony, Gary and Justin.