Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is ideal for clients who are looking for general massage treatment and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of firm pressure at the same time. It involves similar movements and techniques used in relaxation massage but applies much more intense pressure to hit the deeper layers of muscle and fascia and thus helps to release chronic muscle tension or knots. You may experience “good sore” during the massage and a bit of delayed onset muscle soreness the day after, but you will find the enhanced therapeutic benefits of the massage and a relief from chronic pain or injury afterwards.

Our massage therapists at Health plus Chiropractic in Parramatta have extensive experience and training in providing deep tissue massage.  As we always work to a standard of providing the highest quality of care and service, our massage therapists offer deep tissue massage to those who need such an approach.

Just like the key benefit of relaxation massage, deep tissue massage is good for relieving stress and easing physical symptoms of stress, such as neck and shoulder tightness and tension headaches. In general, the extra firm pressure of deep tissue massage rehabilitates muscles that are weak, tight, twisted or causing pain. Deep tissue massage helps to remove toxins congregating in the affected muscles, manage muscle fatigue, promote a faster muscle recovery journey and avoid injury due to muscle weakness. Deep tissue massage is also effective in pain reduction by loosening up constrained tissue clusters with repeated application of firm pressure. For clients with scar tissues restricting their flexibility and range of motion and experiencing stiffness, deep tissue massage focusing on the affected areas can break up the stiff scar tissues and drain away the trapped fluid, and thus minimise the scar tissues. Deep tissue massage is a great option for athletes or anyone recovering from intense physical activity, as it can help to speed up the recovery process.

Some of the reported benefits of deep tissue massage include: rehabilitation of injuries; reduction of muscle pain; lowering of blood pressure; improving arthritis pain; relieving lower back pain; breaking up scar tissue; and lowering stress and anxiety.

Book a deep tissue massage with our qualified and accredited  massage therapists at Health plus Chiropractic in our convenient Parramatta location to experience the “good sore” feeling during the massage and the therapeutic benefits afterwards!