Foot Debridement Foot debridement podiatrist Parramatta

An average person has walked the equivalent of about five times around the earth by the time they reach 80 years of age. That is a significant amount of pressure and forces that the feet must withstand.  When areas of pressure are concentrated to a specific area, often when friction is involved as well, the skin responds by creating extra layers or thickening (hyperkeratosis). These areas can become very painful over time. Debridement is a Podiatric technique that is used to relieve and manage many common hyperkeratotic skin conditions, such as corns, callus, plantar warts and cracked heels. A variety of Podiatric instruments are utilised to reduce and smooth the thickened skin thereby relieving the pressure and pain that they cause.  If left untreated these skin lesions can lead to underlying skin breakdown or infection. Thickened skin, or pressure areas under the feet, are often an indication of other underlying issues such as poor footwear or biomechanical problems. As well as debridement, our Parramatta podiatrist Melissa will often apply padding and deflection as well as footwear assessment and may possibly recommend foot orthotics if there is any underlying biomechanical issue. She is so often complimented on her gentle but thorough technique.

Debridement is the mechanical removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue most often using a scalpel or other podiatric tools. Podiatrists use this technique frequently in the treatment of numerous foot conditions, most commonly corns and callus, verruca and other hyperkeratotic skin conditions. Our podiatrist at Health plus Chiropractic in Parramatta perform thesis procedures.  A Podiatry drill with dust extraction is also used to compliment sharp debridement, which has special attachments for different skin and nail conditions.