Chiropractic Techniques


This is the most common adjustive and effective technique used by chiropractors around the world.  However, sometimes patients who enquire looking for a different chiropractic technique may not seek diversifiedLow force chiropractic at Parramatta adjustments.

Terminal Point Technique (TPT or Drop-Piece)

TPT uses drop piece sections on adjusting couches or tables to facilitate adjustments.  Other techniques that use TPT include Thompson, Peirce-Stillwagon and Toggle recoil.


This differs from chiropractic in that it is more concerned with circulation, cardio-vascular circulation, respiratory movement (circulation) and cerebrospinal fluid circulation.  Therefore, osteopaths are more likely to employ massage and soft tissue techniques, cranial adjustments, lymphatic drainage etc.  However, there will be a large overlap between osteopathy and holistic chiropractic.


Activator MethodsActivator chiropractic at Parramatta

This chiropractic technique is a gentle low force technique that utilises specific procedures to detect spinal joint dysfunction, analyse leg length inequality, detect body mechanic problems and check overall spinal balance.  The Activator is a unique hand held instrument which delivers a controlled, light and fast thrust without causing undue strain.