Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Chiropractic care and best rehabilitation at ParramattaA newer therapeutic strategy is a separate science of chiropractic rehabilitation and here in Parramatta this is part of our offering and focus.   A revolution has occurred in the past 20 years in the field of chronic pain and many chiropractors have been at the forefront in creating new management approaches and collecting research evidence to support the new theories. A radical rethink has occurred about the way we manage the neurological, mechanical and behavioural aspects of chronic pain. Science has driven new developments in exercise science, soft tissue injury and manual therapies, and the behaviour of pain and suffering.

At Health plus Chiropractic in Church Street Parramatta North, we have been both early adopters and champions of modern developments in the rehabilitation of chronic pain.

Ever since the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895, sufferers of chronic and persistent pain have turned to chiropractic for successful management of their conditions.

There are 3 approaches that make chiropractic so effective in dealing with difficult conditions. Firstly, chiropractors are uniquely placed to assess and treat imbalances in neurological function. That is, many chronic lower-back, neck and shoulder pain headache and limb pain conditions have impaired nerve function as a deeply embedded factor in each condition. If the nervous system is not properly assessed and treated, then no amount of exercise, coping or medication can restore proper sensation or motor control to the body. Gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine are integral to restoring nerve function and re-educating the body to better function.

Caring for your problems ParramattaSecondly, the hands-on approach employed in chiropractic means that aberrant joint function and abnormal muscle conditions including myositis, fibromyalgia and tendinitis, are quickly recognised and treated. Most people who have enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic are aware how well joint problems are skilfully addressed. Our office specialises in combining thorough muscle assessment with traditional chiropractic approaches.  Anthony O’Reilly has studied extensively locally and overseas, practised and taught this area of chiropractic rehabilitation.

Exercise rehabilitation Parramatta

The reputation of chiropractic to give relief for acute spinal pain is well known. Many research studies over the past 20 years also confirm how effective these treatments are for chronic spinal pain.

You would be surprised to see what we have to offer. If you know someone who has been suffering for too long, tell them how we can help.