Chiropractic & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is a relatively common nerve entrapment syndrome.  True carpal tunnel is the entrapment of the median nerve under one of the ligaments in the wrist.  The ligament compresses the median nerve and that leads to pain, especially at night.  It is also characterized by pins and needles feelings in the thumb, index and middle fingers.  It is more common in females and can be caused by things such as Rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism and fluid-retention (e.g. Pregnancy).Carpal tunnel treatment Parramatta

It is relatively uncommon for the condition to be present in both hands;  if this is the case a more central spinal causative may be the problem.  A chiropractic assessment can help identify if the problem is true carpal tunnel (median nerve compression at the wrist) or if the hand symptoms are a result of nerve irritation further up the arm or in the spine.  The chiropractic adjustments may need to be locally at the wrist or hand joints, or the adjustments may need to include spinal manipulation to optimise the function of the whole arm.  Either way your chiropractor can assess what adjustment and what rehabilitation is needed for your condition.